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A Strong & Vibrant West Side

The Westside has a vibrant history and culture. For generations, people have made our community their home. The Westside is a place where people raise their family, attend school and church, recreate, and where they work. This is the case for Mike and his wife Leslie, who have called Green Township their home for 34 years. Mike spent the bulk of his young years being raised in a large Green Township family. Leslie was raised in Cheviot and Green Township.

But in order to do so, we need to ensure that our neighborhoods are safe. Like many of you, Mike wants our community to have a vibrant economy, where people choose to live and do business.

As a member of the Ohio House of Representatives, Mike will:

  • Work to expand the quality of life for every resident of the Westside and other local townships and municipalities throughout the state;

  • Promote public safety and maintain a strong relationship with law enforcement - including expanding state funding to our local departments;

  • Encourage commercial and residential development within our district that will grow our economy while maintaining the social fabric of our neighborhoods;

  • Develop key partnerships with our local municipalities and elected officials to promote local control and diminish the influence of big government.

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