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March 5, 2024

Parenting a child with developmental disabilities is both incredibly rewarding and extremely difficult. It's a journey filled with love and resilience, yet marked by frustration at a system that often falls short...


September 2, 2021

After a week of redistricting hearings around the state, I think it’s pretty clear that Democrats plan to attack the "fairness" of any new district they don’t like. But, what do they mean by "fairness?"

Basically, Democrats...


December 16, 2019

COLUMBUS - President Donald Trump's list of Ohio delegates represents a who's who of the state's political leaders.

Among the Ohioans who...


November 4, 2019

As you go to the polls in Hamilton County Tuesday, you will likely be asked to sign a petition before you cast your vote.

Election Day provides a prime opportunity for those who...

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