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Education & Thriving Schools



For 29 years, Mike has been an educator at St. Xavier High School - teaching Government, Economics, Modern World History, World Cultures, U.S. History, and American Civil War. Mike knows that in order to create safe, clean, and prosperous communities, we must start with promoting academic excellence.

In his role as an advisor to the Principal and President of St. Xavier High School, Mike pushed for a major overhaul of school safety and security following the Columbine School Massacre. Wanting to make student safety a top priority, Mike served as one of St. X.’s main liaisons with local police and fire departments.

Mike currently serves as a board member of three public charter schools that serve our most disadvantaged youth in the local area. As a strong advocate for charter schools and school choice, Mike will always prioritize parental oversight in public education and ensure that our children are being taught the values that reflect our community.

As an Ohio State Representative, Mike will:

  • Work to maintain strong public school districts throughout Ohio; 

  • Advocate for school choice and greater State investment in modern trade schools;

  • Fight to bring down the cost of higher education, specifically for students seeking in-state college enrollments;

  • Defend free-speech on school campuses in Ohio and fight back against government censorship;

  • Ensure that dangerous ideology stays out of the classroom and that school curriculum focuses on reading, writing, science, mathematics, and critical thinking skills;

  • Champion school safety, including increased funding for school resource officers and enhanced perimeter safety on school campuses.

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